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Imvu Hack – Get Free Credits in a Just Minute!

What Is IMVU?

IMVU or Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is a 3D virtual world game where the users can explore the virtual world and join millions of people. This social based game allows the users to interact by having a chat with the other users. The users also can meet some new and interesting people from all over the world and make friends. It was found for the first time in 2004 for PC platform but now it can be played from the Android and iOS platform.

What to Do Here?

In IMVU, we not only having a chat with the other users but also make an avatar to explore the virtual world. We can adjust our avatar’s appearance start from the skin color, face shape, body shape and much more. Then, we can also dress up our avatar by changing his/her clothes, accessories, and still many that we can apply to our avatar.

As a basic member, we only have a limited access in this game. But, if we upgrade our status to the VIP member, we can do a lot more things where we are allowed to access to a wider variety of features. With this VIP status, we are able to create and host a chat room, make and sell virtual goods, and much more.

We can say that IMVU is quite similar to the like of The Sims where our avatar can do a lot of actions. The difference is that IMVU allows the users to have a chat and having a good time to socialize with the other users.

IMVU Full Features

  • Explore the virtual world. A world that can be explored to meet with the new people from around the world.
  • Chat. We are able to have a chat with the other users in this virtual world
  • Make your own 3D avatar. The users can have their own avatar to explore the virtual world and have a chat with the other users.
  • Show your creativity. We can show our own style in fashion by choosing and combining our fashion items anytime.
  • Having fun in the photo booth. Make a pose, add some filters, publish it, and get some attentions. We can publish the photo on the social media such as Instagram.

The Microtransaction

IMVU has a currency that used to do the microtransaction such as buying some items like fashion and etc. Credits is the currency that used here. This thing is very important to make you look stylish every day. Without the Credits, we cannot buy new clothes or the other fashion items. So, in order to get this thing, you need to use IMVU hack as soon as possible. Just look at the proof below if you think that it is quite suspicious or just a hoax.

Additional Information

IMVU can be downloaded from your Android or iOS platform with the file size is around 40MB. This game also required an internet connection since it is a social based game. So, make sure that you have a stable internet connection in order to join in with the other users in IMVU.


This 3D chat world has some adult content but some content like nudity is restricted for the users who is still under 18+. IMVU uses a strong verification process to keep the under 18+ users from getting the adult Access Pass although the kids may find some sexual talk in public areas. Since it has so many adult contents so this game is not recommended for the users who is still less than 18 years old and of course, the kids.